We have the opportunity on the daily to make a positive impact on the world around us.
Whether one goes through their day searching for good deeds to be done,
or simply takes advantage of random opportunities to spread love,
every action (or inaction) has a resounding impact.
The question is: Is your impact today going to be positive, negative, or indifferent?
I have been told that one person can't make a difference.
I affectionately call these people "dummies"...
Those who actively try to hold the rest of us down,
those who would rather watch you drown than help you soar, those who can't grasp the power of positivity to create change.
Whether it's a great recipe found, or an uplifting story to share, you can be sure to find it here.
Let's start a Positivity Revolution, and drown out the dumb!

Monday, July 14, 2014


...are hard. For most of us, it's the beginning of another set of forty hours away from our loved ones; spent sitting in traffic, taking care of rude customers, and tolerating negative coworkers. Even if you love your job, Mondays can be rough. I'm not implying that we should "work for the weekend", but I know that's what most people do. Otherwise, you'd see a lot more smiling faces at eight a.m. every morning!

Life is beautiful. Regardless of your specific situation, no one can deny this simple fact. But we easily forget, and take each borrowed moment for granted. I'll admit, I get a case of "The Mondays" far more often than I should. But you can't blame a day of the week for a terrible attitude...

Do you know what I do when I feel that mopey feeling coming on? I stop what I'm doing, and say out loud 5 things I am grateful for right at that moment. It's not for anyone else, it's just for me. By pressing pause and thinking selfishly if only what makes ME happy, I can turn my attitude around pretty fast, and usually what ends up happening is I can't stop at five! What kind of asshole would I be to continue pouting when I have five things in my life to be thankful for? (And it sounds kind of morbid, but things could always get worse.)

Quick! What five things are you grateful for?

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