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Sunday, December 14, 2014

How to Wrap a Skateboard

I do not enjoy wrapping presents. (Does anyone, really?) You have to spend all kinds of money on gift tags, bows, ribbon, tissue paper, and wrapping paper, just for it to look pretty for a couple days and then DESTROYED. It's so wasteful! Aside from that, wrapping gifts is time consuming, and most of us can't seem to get those darn corners just so... Humbug!

I got to wrap a skateboard this year. This caused me a lot of stress, because the perfectionist inside me wanted this gift to look gorgeous. I was doubly stressed because my good friends Google and Pinterest didn't offer any help whatsoever. I looked everywhere online, and found a few people like myself who had posed the question, "How to wrap a skateboard?" on public forums. Poking around these sites, I found the extremely helpful, "Find a big box to put it in." Wow, who'da thunk of something so clever?

My issues were these three: 1) I didn't want it to look like a wrapped skateboard; 2) I wasn't going to be in the house to present the gift, so I couldn't do a neat treasure-hunt design to find the gift elsewhere; 3) this was a pretty heavy piece that would probably break through a box (or so I felt).

Luckily, I date a smarty-McGee, and he noticed my two-day spiral over something seemingly simple. After his obvious statement that the gift doesn't have to be wrapped to perfection; I gave it a stab. And it turned out just fine and dandy! I wanted to share my pictures and experience; just in case some other skateboard-gifter is having the same dilemma.

Wrap the board with butcher paper so the wheels don't poke out of the finished product,
then wrap this butcher paper with your pretty wrapping paper of choice.

Turn the skateboard over so that the wheels face up.
This gives you a flat surface to lift and move your gift!

Turn your corners up and tape to secure the ends.
Decorate with bows and such, and handle with care.
Happy wrapping!


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