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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Cover Yourself!

Making a Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Google+ cover is a simple way to use aesthetics to help boost your online presence, whether you're looking to connect to more people for business or pleasure. Pictures draw folks in, convey a message, and can help create your "brand". Thankfully, you don't have to be a computer wiz-kid to make something beautiful, and this post will show you how.

When I first started this blog, I used Pixlr's free tool and this article from WonderForest to muddle through creating a blog header from scratch. It was a great learning experience, and I'm happy I know how to do this on my own now, instead of trying to spend money outsourcing. I used PicMonkey, another free online tool, to create a similar-feel Facebook cover. But what about all the other covers in my online life? I don't want to have to start from scratch each time, and I need the same feel for all of my online platforms. Enter fotor.com, where I can make a cover page for nearly every online platform, all on one site! I'm eager to give this a try!

I'm going to start with Facebook, making a cover for my amazingly talented sister, who owns Emenaye Catering. I upload a picture that is prominent on her website, with some beautiful purple flowers...

1) Click on the Camera icon under Background, and upload your photo.
2) Alternatively, you could click on the Patterns icon under Background, choose 'None', and upload your photo using the 'Open' button on top. Then, drag and adjust your picture to the given area. This gives you more flexibility with the size and position of the photo.
3) Play around with the options with stickers, colors, and text. I'm keeping this simple and clean, so after adjusting my picture to the right, I'm going to add black text with her company name.
4) The tiny pen icon at the bottom of the text box allows you to change size, color, and font.
5) Click on the tiny eye icon to see a preview as you're creating, and when satisfied, click the disc icon to save.
6) Then, click on 'Choose Another Cover', and keep going to create a cohesive brand!

Here's my Facebook cover draft (we'll see if she decides to use it):


  1. I want to use it!! iTs beautiful! I cant wait for you to come out in a few days and show me :)


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