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or simply takes advantage of random opportunities to spread love,
every action (or inaction) has a resounding impact.
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I have been told that one person can't make a difference.
I affectionately call these people "dummies"...
Those who actively try to hold the rest of us down,
those who would rather watch you drown than help you soar, those who can't grasp the power of positivity to create change.
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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Undecided Fan?

Spinach & Cauliflower Pizza Crust with Black Olives

Mini-Muffin Pizzas

After my workout today, I rushed home to create a new dish that I was super excited about: Spinach & Cauliflower Pizza. Discovering whether or not this low-calorie veggie substitute for one of my favorite foods ever could be as delicious as the real thing is a very exciting thought!

I made a few time-worthy changes to the recipe that I posted this morning, and it turned out!...I think. I blended everything in the food processor until it was a thick consistency (shown on right).

 I read on my research recipes that the crust is floppy, and I wanted to stiffen it up (hence the panko crumbs). It didn't work as I'd hoped on the round pizza, but with the mini "muffin pizzas", the chewiness was perfect and they held together wonderfully.

The flavor is decidedly cauliflower-y, and it's a flavor I wasn't too fond of on first bite, but having eaten half the pizza and all 4 of the mini pizzas, I guess it grows on ya. (Just the same, I think I'll try just spinach next time.)

Either way, I'm full and happy, and I definitely feel like my body can work better on a veggie pie than a Digiorno! Has anyone else tried this veggie-crust style of pizza? I'd love to hear about your success!

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