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I have been told that one person can't make a difference.
I affectionately call these people "dummies"...
Those who actively try to hold the rest of us down,
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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Thin is Dumb

I am a lazy lady.

Not when it comes to my job or anything very serious, but when it comes to treating my body the way I should...I don't do the best job. It's hard to love food as much as I do and not eat just constantly. Damn you, Bacon and Pizza! I love carbs and salt SO MUCH!

While discussing the ever-popular topic of New Year's resolutions for 2015 with my good friend Dawn, I decided that I am not dieting anymore. Obviously I wasn't doing a great job at this on 2014 (it seems that I have to eat pizza at least twice a week or I may shrivel up and die), but I continue to silently obsess over my bad food habits. This is exhausting, and I'm done.

I want to spend this year enjoying every minute, even when I'm eating carb-a-licious Jimmy John's or a giant serving of mashed potatoes. I also want to learn to love my body every day, to let go of the notion that fat is all bad (after all, this is where the lovely smooshiest parts of me are!), and just RELAX. Life is too short. And there's too much food to enjoy to live it with restrictions in order to be just skinny . How boring.

This rather long introspection brings me to my point...I love Kate Upton. Did that come out of left field? Let me explain. I think she is adorable. I think she is an inspiration to women who think you have to be a size zero to be beautiful in this twisted world of ours. (It's ridiculous that she's considered plus-size, but that's another point altogether.) I feel like I read an article about her start in modeling that started my mild obsession, where Miss Upton was given the option to lose a substantial amount of weight to be a "regular-sized" model, or gain a few pounds to become "plus-sized". Recalling from my memory, which I admit may be incorrect, she chose the latter, and began to shatter stereotypes on what size means in relation to beauty. Her decision to pursue modeling against traditional odds has made waves, and no doubt inspired more women than just me.

In researching a bit more about her, I found that she works her butt off in the gym, and eats freely. I also found too many articles to count calling her fat, when she's anything but. It's sad that the majority still cling to the theory that super-thin is the be-all, but I also feel it shows some growth as a very judgmental society that she has made it so far. Modeling may not be the end-all of our views changing on healthy versus skinny versus beauty, but it's a start, especially because so much of what we view as acceptable comes directly from the media. As a woman who spends a good deal of time thinking about her looks, it's nice to know there's some wiggle room, even when you jiggle.

I'm starting an experiment, details coming soon...Here's to drowning out the dumb on thin!

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