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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Yea, it's the Super Bowl... Let's talk about hair!

Messy hair is the bee's knees, and I am completely obsessed!

I owe it to the genius of Anh Co Tran and Instagram inspiration. I first read about the beautiful, wavy look on Pinterest, in this article about Instagram-worthy hair. Tran talks about the messy, easy, sexy hair look that has been so popular that he trademarked the name. "Lived-In Hair" is completely addicting, especially because I would much rather try to have messy hair than worry about creating perfect hair. Life is messy, and this 'do makes it easier to embrace the everyday!

My hair is CRAZY straight, so I bought a texture spray to add volume and stickiness. This product smells utterly amazing, and in addition to adding texture, it works as a dry shampoo.
Sephora online sells drybar Triple Sec for $25, and if you use eBates.com, you might even make some cash back!

Spray and scrunch you hair all over until you have the messy volume you'd like:

Separate your hair into top and bottom, using duck clips to secure. Grab a big fatty section of hair, smooth a bit with your fingers, and start wrapping around your iron (you can use a big curling iron, or a flat iron to achieve this look).

Start closest to your scalp and wind/twirl the iron in a circle until you get close to the ends. With my flat iron, I just keep twisting until the hair comes loose! Alternate twisting towards your face and away from your face to create movement and interest.

Give your strands a minute to cool down, spray and scrunch all over with a flexible hold hair spray...Then, go!

You can see more about how to get "Lived-In Hair" from this piece at InStyle.

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