We have the opportunity on the daily to make a positive impact on the world around us.
Whether one goes through their day searching for good deeds to be done,
or simply takes advantage of random opportunities to spread love,
every action (or inaction) has a resounding impact.
The question is: Is your impact today going to be positive, negative, or indifferent?
I have been told that one person can't make a difference.
I affectionately call these people "dummies"...
Those who actively try to hold the rest of us down,
those who would rather watch you drown than help you soar, those who can't grasp the power of positivity to create change.
Whether it's a great recipe found, or an uplifting story to share, you can be sure to find it here.
Let's start a Positivity Revolution, and drown out the dumb!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Holiday Day-Drinking

Holiday drinks are always high calorie nightmares for those watching their intake. But...it's the holidays, and much more enjoyable to pretend that calories don't exist; indulge; and start anew January 2nd. That gives us a full month of guilt-free deliciousness... Hooray! This is going to be our 2014 go-to for the season of parties and weekend day-drinking: Captain and Cider.

The recipe I found called for an ounce and a half of Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum, and 8 ounces of cider. I picked up some all-natural apple cider and we simmered the Captain, along with a couple cinnamon sticks. It ended up being a little strong due to the adorable little mugs we used, but that's something I can easily get over, haha. I have these neat little pots with spill-proof lips that my dad gave me, which made this an easy and "oops-free" way to drink our way into the holidays!

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